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Yeholot ("abilities") Association was established in 2010 in order to expand Rashi's successful matriculation programs to a nationwide scale. It coordinates all the Foundation's activity designed to increase matriculation rates and to prevent dropout among high school students, particularly in the geographic and social periphery.

Yeholot works in schools in cooperation with the Ministry of Education based on the belief that every child is able to succeed in school regardless of his or her socio-economic background, and that the school and the education system are responsible for making this potential into reality. It basic premise is that it is possible to reduce gaps and lead students towards success at any grade level, even those who have fallen far behind or are on the verge of dropping out of school.

The flagship program of Yeholot is Tafnit – a program initiated by Rashi in 2001 with the aim of closing learning gaps by giving schools the tools for helping students fulfill their potential. Its method is based on the principles of accelerated learning to reduce large gaps, building motivation and self-confidence through a chain of successes, and nurturing fresh attitudes and skills among teachers.

Tafnit is implemented mainly in the following models:

  • "Start"– brings students who were on the verge of dropout at the end of 9th grade to complete high school with matriculation
  • "Last Hurdle" - helps students pass the matriculation exam in one or two subjects which are their last obstacle to full matriculation

The Yeholot Association is headed by Gil Shwed, founder and chairman of Check Point Software technologies and a long-time supporter of Tafnit. Its Director is Nissim Cohen, who led the Tafnit program since its inception.

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