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Capital projects

While Rashi traditionally has preferred to invest in programs rather than in buildings, we often find ourselves unable to launch initiatives due to a lack of suitable physical facilities.

Over the past decade, we have become more active in developing capital projects. Our intervention usually combines the planning and directing the project, as well as co-funding. In many cases, our early-stage involvement serves as a catalyst for pooling the resources of government bodies, charitable organizations and private donors. 

The construction unit is
currently dealing with around 60 capital projects, at all stages from early programating planning to execution, that cut across all of our areas of activity.

Our work in capital projects brings into play our regional and long-term perspective, as well as our understanding of the inter-related educational, welfare and health needs of a particular location. As construction tends to require substantial investment, we also assume a fundraising role and actively seek partners to complete projects, while offering them all naming opportunities.

Read more about some of our major  projects completed in the last few years: 

Carasso Science Park
Renanim School for Special Education
Desert Spirit Village
Developing infrastructures in Kinneret College
Early Childhood Centers (Shlomi, Kiryat Shmona, Acre, Hatzor Hagilit, Kiryat Malachi, Merom Hagalil)

Services offered by our
Capital Projects Unit

tel aviv crisis center

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