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What We Do

True to our history of philanthropy, Rashi's vision is two-fold. On a national level, we are committed to helping Israel strengthen systems that serve the most vulnerable sections of society. On an individual level, we are dedicated to helping underprivileged children, youth and families reach their true potential, and lead independent lives as productive members of the community.

Our activities fall into two broad categories: programs in the fields of education and social welfare; and capital projects to construct or renovate buildings to provide appropriate, comfortable and aesthetic venues for the implementation of high-quality programs.
Our work can be categorized into five fields, though many programs fall into more than one, or on the seam between them.

Reducing Educational Gaps

Rashi invests significant resources in "leveling the playing field" for children from disadvantaged homes or living in under-resourced localities, so that their school experience is a true stepping-stone to higher education.

Solutions for Children and Youth at Risk

Rashi collaborates in providing residential, daycare and care-in-the-community solutions for some of the roughly 330,000 children and adolescents in Israel who are at risk of neglect and abuse or who live in distressed situations.


Promoting Excellence and Leadership

Deep wells of potential exist in the periphery. Rashi makes significant efforts to nurture them so as to cultivate home-grown talents that can serve as role models, and to encourage and enable those with ability to reach heights of achievement.

Services for Populations with Special Needs

In the periphery, there is a dearth of services for populations with physical or mental disabilities. Rashi invests in developing and operating regional solutions, with a focus on the 21+ age-group that is particularly under-served.

Other Areas of Interest
While education and social welfare are by far our largest areas of interest, we remain involved in other fields that dovetail with the overall mission of the Foundation.
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