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Academia program

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Fields: Reducing Educational Gaps
A unique route to higher education
Academia program

Academia is an educational program that aims to grant equal opportunity for academic success for mid-achieving students from disadvantaged homes by accompanying them from 10th grade until the end of their academic studies. Academia is unique in taking a long-term view and measuring success by the number of participants who received a BA degree and not only by those who attain a matriculation certificate.

Academia was launched in 2001 in the belief that high school students living in the social and geographic periphery could "fall between the cracks" and not realize their potential for higher education.

How does it work?

The program is structured in 3 phases:

In high school

Each school included in the program identifies students with mid-level achievements who have the capability and will to succeed. These students form the "Academia Class", which is part of the school but benefits from intensive reinforcement lessons, individual tutoring and an envelope of support and enrichment. They participate in the program for 3 years and graduate with a matriculation diploma that enables admission to academic institutes, as well as with the confidence and motivation for self-advancement.

This part of the program has been duplicated by Rashi in our High School Academia program.

During military or national service

When the high school graduates of Academia contribute to society by doing military or national service, the program staff keeps in contact with them through annual national seminars and individual guidance in issues connected with academic studies.

In university
During undergraduate studies, the students receive assistance according to their socio-economic status, which includes tuition or living stipend, tutoring and enrichment activities. As all the students in our scholarship programs, they are required to engage in community work that matches their skills, for example via the Perach Tutorial Project.

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