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Other Areas of Interest

While education and social welfare are by far our largest areas of interest, we remain involved in other fields that dovetail with the overall mission of the Foundation.

Over the years, we have maintained a small investment in business loans. In 2006, we decided to enter this area in a more direct and strategic way by forming a partnership with the Edmond J. Safra Foundation to launch a project that is dedicated to giving interest-free loans and practical support to young entrepreneurs.

Originating in Paris – where many board members live today – the Foundation is sensitive to the needs of French immigrants who choose to move to Israel, and has launched a number of programs (e.g. Gvahim) to facilitate their smooth integration into their adopted country. These newcomers possess many strengths and we work to ensure that their talents are given expression and have a chance to grow, despite the difficult transition of language and culture.

The Foundation has traditionally been involved in health programs, particularly to bring excellent medical services to communities in the periphery. We support a small number of effective and sorely needed programs to close gaps in access to healthcare services.

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