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Gustave Leven

Founder of the Rashi Foundation

 Gustave Leven passed away on July 29th 2008 at the age of 94. He was the founder of the Rashi Foundation, and as a well known businessman he was the founder and later on became Honorary Chairman of the Source Perrier Group.

Over more than 60 years he devoted himself to the Jewish People and  made a substantial contribution to the education, welfare, health and security of the citizens of Israel. He managed to transform a relatively small charitable trust fund, which had been initiated by his mother, into what has become the Rashi Foundation.

During all those years, Gustave Leven was successful in pooling together a number of individuals who shared his major concern: the future and well being of the Jewish People and of Israel. Through his exceptionally shrewd understanding of the financial markets, he allowed the Rashi Foundation to have the means to fulfill his vision.

This vision was that every Israeli should be able to realize his potential and become an active and productive citizen without being left behind because of personal unfavorable socioeconomic conditions.

Without ever holding an official position in the Foundation due to his discretion and humbleness, he was in fact its true Chairman and the one we always turned to for advice, inspiration and guidance.

By following his heritage we will honor his memory by doubling our efforts to make the Rashi Foundation more effective, wider-reaching and more sensitive to the individual needs of the residents of Israel for many years to come.

Who was Gustave Leven? watch the Rashi president, Hubert Leven, telling his story.
and the Gustav Leven memorial film.

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